Friday, March 30, 2012

Pinterest... Have you changed?

Colby Almond of 97th Floor recently posted an article which suggests that Pinterest has recently changed their algorithms in a way that may be detrimental to the equal-opportunity nature of the neighborhood.

I'm ALL FOR cutting off spammers. Clearly, someone's figured out how to create bots that grab popular pins, then tack on "Super weight loss program -- click here!" before reposting. But for those of us who use it in legitimate ways for driving traffic to our blogs -- or just as a relaxing hobby that doesn't require purchasing hundreds of dollars of gadgets and materials -- I hope Pinterest finds a way to squash the spammers while keeping the fun and genuine usefulness alive.

I have noticed a change in the traffic from Pinterest to this and my other blog, lately.

I'd love to see Pinterest answer this. Pin this, if you would, too.

(By the way: I did purchase the rights to the photo used in the graphic above.)

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